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For over 160 years, the name Seca has stood for highest precision and functional design in medical weighing.
Baby Scales
Seca 310
The seca 310 mechanical circular dial scale is designed specifically for use in remote areas far away from any hospital, due to the quality of this sc... Read more >
Seca 334
The Seca 334 stands for the greatest safety and reliability when weighing babies. Although its weighing tray is designed to be far more generous... Read more >
Seca 354
The seca 354 is a baby scale and floor scale in one; Babies can be weighed safely and comfortably in the weighing tray of the seca 354. The rounded sh... Read more >
Seca 374
Shell-shaped form for optimal safety The shell shape of the seca 374 has been specially designed for weighing babies and small children from an e... Read more >
seca 727
The special damping of this baby scale together with the HOLD function enables fast and precise measurement, even with restless babies. The larg... Read more >
seca 852
The perfect aid for a healthy diet: the seca 852 combines attractive design with high functionality and provides safe storage for itself. The diet a... Read more >
seca 856
Diaper scales with stainless steel cover The seca 856 has been especially designed to meet the requirements of its area of application. The raised di... Read more >
Column scale
seca 703
seca 703 column scale seca 703 -digital column scale is a very high capacity and extremely robust scale. The seca 703 is also precise and s... Read more >
Floor scales
seca 761/762
seca 761 / 762 The large easy-to-read dial displays weight that's accurate to one per-cent of total body weight. The Seca 761 mechanical fl... Read more >
seca 813
Especially wide, low platform for easy mounting The seca 813 combines safety and comfort: the scale can be mounted comfortably and safely due to the ... Read more >
seca 876
Scales intended for mobile use have to be lightweight. The compact seca 876 weighs in at less than 4 kilograms. This scale is nevertheless very stable... Read more >
Height and Girth Measurment
seca 201
Because today‘s circumference tapes also have to satisfy high medical demands, seca has developed the seca 201 which can measure girth to within 1 mil... Read more >
seca 203
The measuring tape seca 203 for determination of body circumference has a high-quality scale of metal used to obtain the Waist-To-Hip-Ratio (WHR). The... Read more >
seca 206
With only a single screw this band measure becomes a measuring station. The wall plate ensures stability and the recess permits convenient reading, ev... Read more >
seca 213
The seca 213 is especially suitable for mobile use, e.g. for measuring childrenand teenagers in the course of medical examinations in schools, for use... Read more >
seca 216
The seca 216 has a removable scale with a measuring range of 0 to 230 centimetres which can be inserted variably into a 150 centimetre long plastic pr... Read more >
seca 222
Developed specially for wall mounting, this telescopic measuring rod is set for millimetre- accuracy from head to foot. Its extra-wide, fold-in measur... Read more >
Pediatric Accessories
Seca 210
The Seca 210 Measure Mat is the simple and quick way to measure a baby's growth from day one. This skin-friendly and easy to wash weighing mat is th... Read more >
Seca 232
This millimeter-exact measuring rod for babies enables reproducible measuring and weighing in a single procedure. This provides for simple mounting on... Read more >
seca 416
The completely novel shape of the infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure not only babies but also infants up to two years old. The board is... Read more >
Speciality scales
seca 656
The especially large platform of the seca 656 makes it possible to weigh patients on all commonly used stretchers. Patients can also be weighed while ... Read more >
Wheel Chair scales
seca 676
Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its large platform and robust handrail, the seca 676 is very versatile.  Patients can be weighed sitting... Read more >
seca 952
With a capacity of 200 kg and a graduation of 100 grams, the seca 952 fulfills all basic medical standards. Added to that are the typical seca advanta... Read more >
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