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seca 656

The especially large platform of the seca 656 makes it possible to weigh patients on all commonly used stretchers. Patients can also be weighed while sitting in wheelchairs or on chairs.

A unique characteristic of the seca 656 is the new memory function. This practical feature helps to lighten the workload especially in the emergency unit: first of all, the total weight of the patient and stretcher or wheelchair is determined. The stretcher or wheelchair is then weighed separately and the net weight of the patient appears automatically on the display.

A cable remote display with easy to read LCD figures is included in delivery. This display is operated intuitively and is equipped with many additional functions. With the pre-TARE function, the extra weight of a stretcher or wheelchair can be deducted directly from the total weight during the weighing process. And, with the BMI function, one can determine the nutritional condition of the patient.

Thanks to its stable construction and a capacity of 360 kg, even extremely heavy patients can be weighed easily with the seca 656. With the practical castors and integrated handles, the seca 656 is also transportable and can thus be used in various locations.

The seca 656 is well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly anesthesiology, geriatrics, intensive care, nephrology, nursing homes and retirement homes.

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