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Amba Medical has been a manufacturer and distributor of innovative healthcare products for more than 25 years. Extensive range of sterile disposable drapes, all manufactured in cleanroom conditions complying with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.



Medi is the largest company manufacturing anti embolism and surgical stockings in the world. They lead the world in research and design of new products and their strength comes from their specialisation in this product area.

Medical Gloves

Precision specialise in identification systems from hospitals to entertainment. Within the hospital market they manufacture a range of wristbands to suit any hospital's admission programme, as well as surgical and lab marking pens.

PS Medical
Urine Bags

QlicksmartŪ allows single-handed SAFE scalpel blade removal and disposal avoiding the risk and cost of injury and infection.

For over 160 years, the name Seca has stood for highest precision and functional design in medical weighing.

Sentry Medical
Sentry Medical (Sentry) is a key distributor of surgical and medical consumables to the public and private healthcare sectors across Australia and New Zealand. For more than 15 years, Sentry has served the needs of wholesalers, hospitals, general practice and dental surgeries, pharmacies, aged care facilities, government agencies and veterinary clinics - providing high quality medical consumables that play an important role in the patient healing process. Our catalogue has more than 250 products and includes a complete range of bandages, gauzes and swabs, tapes and dressings, sterilisation and disposal products, surgical apparel and first aid kit components. Sentry maintains control over the manufacturing process ensuring all products comply with stringent quality standards, and owns a number of industry leading and recognised brands, including AsGuard, Medicrepe, Mediam135 & 210, Verasoft, PrimaGard and Owear. For a comprehensive range of CE certified CSSD products we are also the proud distributors of Bolsaplast and Interster. Our multinational manufacturing capabilities, leading edge R&D and strict quality control measures ensure our products maintain consistent quality every time.

Diagnostic torches, folding stretcher & oval reusable cold pack.

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