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Ulcer Kit

The special feature of mediven® ulcer is the elemental silver that is incorporated in the yarn material. Silver is a classic tool in wound care, as even at low concentrations it has a persistent effect against a broad spectrum of bacteria. It prevents the production of odours and excludes the development of bacterial resistance. mediven® ulcer therefore has an antibacterial and antimycotic action against antibiotic-resistant micro-organisms – on a long term basis.

mediven® ulcer kit consists of two compressive components:

  • 1 mediven® ulcer with an ankle pressure of 20 mmHg, designed for continuous compression around the clock. This moderate resting pressure is well tolerated by patients and allows for continuity of compression treatment

While a dressing aid is being washed – if possible at 95° C - another mediven® ulcer is available for continuous compression care.

  • 1 mediven® ulcer plus, also with an ankle pressure of 20 mmHg supports and reinforces the compression throughout the day and during exercise phases. Particularly in the acute phase of ulcer treatment, this ensures that the medically necessary compression pressure of 40 mmHg and a high working pressure are achieved.
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