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Qlicksmart Flask

Qlicksmart® allows single-handed SAFE scalpel blade removal and disposal avoiding the risk and cost of injury and infection.

The secure sharps container can be fixed to a wall, trolley or bench via a universal bracket (bracket sold separately).

Qlicksmart® is compatible with blades from all commonly used reusable handles.

The scalpel is inserted into the slot in the container until the is heard. The handle is withdrawn and the blade remains sealed inside for later disposal.

Qlicksmart® has a counter and shut-off mechanism when the container reaches its 100-blade capacity.


The Qlicksmart® Flask has been tested and is suitable for use with blades using the following most commonly used handles.

No. 3
No. 4
No. 5
No. 7
No. 9

At this stage, the Qlicksmart® Flask is not suitable for use with beaver, baron or disposble handles.

Other brands of handles are constantly being tested. Qlicksmart® would be happy to test any scalpel handles you use - for more information please contact Qlicksmart® or your nearest distributor.


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