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Qlicksmart 3 in 1 Sterile

Qlicksmart CASSETTE 3in1 uses the same patented technology as the original Qlicksmart Flask and it too is a world's first. It is the first scalpel blade removal and containment system developed specifically for use by the scrub nurse and in sterile environments.


Qlicksmart CASSETTE 3in1 - Features & Benefits

Scalpel Removal and Containment System


  • Small and compact - saves space!
  • The CASSETTE is sterilised and ready for use
  • Contains 3 units of Qlicksmart single blade remover cartridge per set


  • Single-handed "passive" activation - keeping hands out of harms way
  • Blade contained upon removal to enable safe disposal in an approved sharps container, eliminating injuries to downstream staff
  • Puncture resistant cartridge so you know you're safe

Quick & Easy to Use

  • Sterile - now you can change blades during an operation in theatre
  • The scalpel is inserted into the cartridge until the is heard. The handle is withdrawn & the blade remains sealed inside.
  • Clear casing for an accurate count
  • Works first time every time, giving you peace of mind
  • Specifically designed to be easily implemented into your daily routine


  • Qlicksmart CASSETTE 3in1 is compatible with blades from all commonly used reusable handles.
  • Use with common handles #3, #3L, #4, #4L, #5, #7, #9, Baron and Lawton Long Handle


  • Hospitals
  • General Practice
  • Podiatry / Chiropody
  • Education
  • Veterinary
  • Dental
  • Pathology

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