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Precision specialise in identification systems from hospitals to entertainment. Within the hospital market they manufacture a range of wristbands to suit any hospital's admission programme, as well as surgical and lab marking pens.
Patient Identification
Hospital 140/110
Adult and Infant Insert Wristbands * A soft vinyl wristband with a snap closure. * Strong, yet comfortable to wear. * Accommodate... Read more >
Securline: Short Stay
Write-On Wristbands Whether your needs are for short term or long term patients, PDC's Write-on Wristbands can be used in every department. They ar... Read more >
Sentry 5080 LabelBand
Adhesive Label Sentry 5080 LabelBand As part of a complete all-in-one system, Sentry LabelBand securely seals inexpensive paper labels inside a c... Read more >
* Long-term identification wristband features a soft, tubular design that will not scratch skin. * Insert cards included are white, pink, blue... Read more >
Securline Markers
Lab Marker
- Versatile, permanent markings write on plastic, metal, and porcelain labware. - Unique ink has the ability to write on labware even when the surfa... Read more >
Marker II Superfrost
- Ultra permanent ink that resists solvents such as xylene, alcohol, acetone and formalin. - Ideal for histology and cytology. - Choose from black... Read more >
Surgical Skin Marker
- Sterile - Non scratching, fine/broad tip - Non tattooing, surgical prep-resistant gentian violet ink that is non toxic to the epidermic layer... Read more >
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