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HOSPICREPE Elastic cotton crepe bandage with non-fraying leno-bound edges. It owes its elasticity to overtwisted cotton threads in the warp. Made of ... Read more >
MEDIRIP® , the cohesive Support Bandage
MEDIRIP® , the cohesive Support Bandage For non-slip support and relief dressing in cases of distortions and ligaments, contusions, sprains and b... Read more >
RAPIDLAST Description: White fixation bandage with non-fraying woven edges (selvedge bandage), made of viscose and polyamide. Elastic,with a longitud... Read more >
RINKILASTIC® cohesive This cohesive bandage can be used for all kinds of fixation, including the securing of compresses, cushions or cannula. An abso... Read more >
ROSELASTIC® Short stretch compression bandage For strong compression dressings in all cases of acute and chronic venous and lymphatic disorders such... Read more >
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