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Anti Embolism Stockings/Thrombexin
Thrombexin® climax thrombosis stockings prevent venous thrombosis (blood clots) in immobilised, bed-ridden patients to safeguard against possible embolisms.

The indications cover pre-, intra-, and postoperative thrombosis prophylaxis. In patients at moderate to high risk the provision of thrombosis prophylaxis stockings is often augmented by pharmacological and additional physical measures.

The constant pressure decrease from the ankle (approx. 18 mmHg pressure) up to the thigh (approx. 8 mmHg) ensures optimal acceleration of the return venous flow.
thrombexin® climax is marked by its economic efficiency, its highly reliable medical effect, its easy handling, and its high comfort of wearing. Therefore thrombexin® climax offers advantages for hospitals, doctors, nursing staff and patients.
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